Crane carrier. Liebherr LTM1150/1 . Crane Specifications DIMENSIONS, Lifting capacities, Load Charts,Working range All .pdf
Frame: Liebherr designed and manufactured, box type, torsion resistant, all-welded construction
made of high-tensile structural steel.
Outriggers: 4-point support, all-hydraulic horizontal and vertical operation.
Engine: 8 cylinder, watercooled Liebherr Diesel, type D 9408 TI-E, 400 kW (544 HP) at
2100 min acc. to ECE 24.03 and 1999/96/EG (EURO III), max. torque 2500 Nm at
1100 – 1400 min . Fuel tank capacity: 500 ltrs.

Liebherr LTM1150/1 Dimensions. Lifting Capacity Load Chart
Transmission: Allison automatic transmission with torque converter and hydrodynamic retarder
brake, 5 forward and 1 reverse speed. Transfer case with off-road range.
Axles: All axles steered. Axles 1, 4 and 5 with planetary gears and differential locks.
Suspension: All axles with hydropneumatic suspension and hydraulic locking facility.
Tyres: 10 tyres. Tyre size: 14.00 R 25.
Steering: Hydraulic power steering with dual circuit hydraulic system, mechanical/hydrostatic
from lower cab. Stand-by steering pump. Steering acc. to EC directive 70/311/EEC.
Brakes: Service brake: Dual circuit, servo-air brake, acting on all wheels.
Hand brake: by spring action on all wheels of axles 2 to 5.
Brakes acc. to EC directive 71/320/EEC.
Driver’s cab: Spacious all-steel cab on resilient mountings, safety glass windows and full range of

LTM1150/1 Lifting Capacity Load Chart Dimensions.
LTM1150/1 Dimensions. Lifting Capacity Load Chart

The torsion-safe, box outline is made out of fine-grain basic steel with a triple-roller slewing edge. It accompanies a powerfully lockable, hydropneumatic suspension framework that permits programmed leveling. All axles are fitted with double circuit plate brakes with extra brakes on the fumes fold and rigging box, and a spring-stacked hand brake.

Electrical system: 24 V DC, 2 batteries, lighting according to countries’ regulations.


Liebherr LTM1150/1 Dimensions. Lifting Capacity Load Chart

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