Crane Specification,Liebherr LTM 1030-2-1 , Crane Specifications DIMENSIONS, Lifting capacities, Load Charts,Working range All .pdf

Frame : Liebherr designed and manufactured, box type, torsion resistant, all-welded construction made of high-tensile structural steel.
Outriggers 4-point supporting system, hydraulically telescopable into horizontal and vertical direction. Operation with remote control, automatic
support leveling, electronic inclination display.
Engine Diesel, 6 cylinder, watercooled, make Mercedes-Benz, output 210 kW (286 h.p.), max. torque 1150 Nm. Exhaust emissions acc.
to 97/68/EG, EPA/CARB, ECE-R.96. Fuel tank capacity: 300 litres.
Gearbox ZF power-shift gear with torque converter, lock-up, transfer case; 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds.
Axles Front: planetary axle with differential lock, steerable. Rear: planetary axle with differential lock, steerable.
Suspension Hydropneumatic suspension, lockable hydraulically.
Tyres 4 tyres. Tyre size: 385/95 R 25 (14.00 R 25).
Steering Front axle mechanically steered, with hydraulic power assistance and stand-by steering pump. Rear axle hydraulically steered. Both axles
steered hydrostatically from crane cab.
Brakes Service brake: allwheel servoair brake, all axles are equipped with disc brakes, dual circuit.Hand brake: spring loaded, acting on all wheels.Sustainedaction brake: engine brake.
Driver’s cab Spacious corrosion resistant with comfort furnishings, mounted on rubber shock absorbers, safety glazing.
Electrical system Modern data bus technique, 24 Volt DC, 2 batteries of 110 Ah each.

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