Download  Demag AC 100 pdf file and Crane Specification and load chart Demag AC 100 t Lifting Capacity Load Chart The shortest 5-axle crane with a carrier length of just 11 m 13.3 t counterweight carried on the crane giving just 12 t axle load Under 10 t axle loads are possible 50 m main boom and optional 9.2 m to 33.0 m boom extension State-of-the-art engine and transmission ensure high travel comfort


Drive / Steering 10 x 6 x 8.
Frame Monobox main frame with outrigger boxes integral, of high-strength fine grain structural steel.
Outriggers Four hydraulically telescoping outrigger beams with hydraulic jack legs.
Engine DaimlerChrysler OM 502 LA water-cooled 8-cylinder engine, output to DIN: 350 kW (476 HP) at 1800 1/min, max. torque
2300 Nm at 1300 1/min, certified in compliance with EURO MOT 3a, Tier 3 and CARB. Fuel tank capacity: 500 l.
Transmission Automated transmission system (16 ranges), transfer case with longitudinal differential lockout control, cruise control for both
travelling and uniform deceleration.
Axles Axle 1: steering; axle 2: with planetary hubs, steering, transverse differential lockout control; axle 3: rigid axle, non-steer;
axle 4: with planetary hubs, steering in crab steer mode, longitudinal and transverse differential lockout control;
axle 5: with planetary hubs, transverse differential lockout control.
Suspension Hydropneumatic suspension, all axles hydraulically blockable.
Wheels and tyres 10 wheels fitted with 14.00 R 25 tyres, single wheels on all axles.
Steering ZF dual-circuit semiblock mechanical steering with hydraulic booster.
Brakes Service brake: dual-line air system with anti locking system. Parking brake: spring-loaded type, on 2nd, 4th and 5th axles.
Sustained action brake: constant choke valve, exhaust brake, hydrodynamic retarder.
Electrical equipment 24 V system.
Driver’s cab Rubber-mounted all steel driver’s cab with safety glazing, controls and instrumentation, air-suspended and heated driver’s seat,
air-suspended passenger’s seat, vertically adjustable steering wheel, heated outside mirrors, rotaflare warning light,air-conditioning. You can Download pdf file and Crane Specification Demag AC 100