• Altec LMAP (Load Moment & Area Protection) System
» Rated Capacity Limiter
» Displays: Boom Length, Boom Angle, Load on Hook,
Percent of Rated Capacity
» Operator Defined Audible Alarm Set-Points for Boom Angle,
Length and Rotational Position
• Curbside and Streetside Walk-Through Control Stations
• Outrigger Boom Interlock System
• Outrigger Motion Alarm
• Winch Drum Rotation Indicator
• Anti-Two Block Device
• Rotation Resistant Wire Rope
• Winch Control at Load Hook Stow Point
• Hydraulic Oil Cooling System
• 2-Piece Jib: 24 ft (7.3 m) Retracted, 40 ft (12.1 m) Extended
• Load Block
• Load Block and Ball Storage on Deck of Crane
• ASME B30.23 Personnel Lifting Package
» 2-Man, Steel Platform
Fixed, 600 lb (272.1 kg) Capacity, or
Rotating, 1,200 lb (544.3 kg) Capacity
» Radio Remote Controls
» Fall Protection
• ASME B30.23 Compliant Test Weight Package
• Hydraulic Tool Circuit at Tail Shelf

DOWNLOAD ALTEC AC18-70v2–Specifications

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